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Why Reconstituted Stone Floor Grates Are #1

Floor grates are essential features of a well-designed space — whether commercial, industrial or residential. A proper building plan entails the provision of drains for channeling water out of a given area. Grates have been used as cover to keep these canals clean, presentable and safe for people. Over the years there have been a number of popular materials used for grating — ranging from the purely functional to the aesthetic, or a combination of both.

Floor Grates Made Of Steel Vs. Reconstituted Stone

Grid-like steel grating is the traditional industrial kind. It is cold and heavy, not too attractive, comes in a drab grey-metallic color, is prone to corrosion, and is a conductor of electricity. Steel floor grates are installed for the main purpose of easy maintenance of industrial spaces. Its main advantage is the strength of the material.

Floor grates made out of reconstituted stone have the strength of steel, but do not carry its disadvantages. It can be designed to carry loads up to specifications. There are grates suitable for areas with light to heavy foot traffic such as pools, as well as grates designed for floors that carry vehicular loads such as garages and driveways. You can custom order load specs for truck, bike and car traffic, all while having the warm appearance of natural stone.

Floor Grates Made Of Natural Stone Vs. Reconstituted Stone

Natural stone grates have been used before, but the material is brittle. Moreover, it cannot carry the load the way steel grates can. The main reason why the natural stone is such a favorite material for floor grates is its architectural design. Stone is warm and timeless. If you choose to install reconstituted stone instead as floor grating, you can have the combined advantages of strength, durability, and beauty. Add sustainability to that list as well.

Reconstituted stone is an engineered material designed to look like stone but having the strength equal to steel. You can choose colors and stone designs to match your overall house décor without worrying about durability. Moreover, it is known as an environmentally friendly material. Companies like Jonite manufacture these custom designed floor grates to provide people with quality yet more sustainable products.


About Jonite


Why Choose Jonite?

These special properties of our grating products enable our grates to help prevent corrosion and rust - Our Jonite range of grating products are crafted to last a life time for either outdoor and indoor use. Jonite's grates are additionally "theft resistant" compared to common cast iron and steel grates which are vulnerable to theft due to the increasing scrap value.


More than just engineers, our team at Jonite are craftsmans and designers, our concept to help our customers build what they can conceive of. The design opportunities with our architectural grates are unlimited. Our grates come in a large collection of standard colours and more specialised colours are achievable with limitless colour customisation which allows our architectural products to be personalized to any hue or shade our customers require.


Our one-of-a-kind stone products have very high mechanical properties such as low heat absorption, low water absorption, high impact strength, high compressive strength and high flexural strength. We focus on all details that offer our products excellent quality and longevity. We achieve this by reinforcing our stone grates with specially treated steel frames - in fact, the term "Reinforced Stone" is created by Jonite over the past 2 decades. Our variety of architectural grates is certified to international load standards.


These special properties of our grating products enable our grates to avoid corrosion and rust - Our Jonite wide range of grating products are created to endure a lifetime of both indoor and outdoor use. Jonite's grates are also "theft resistant" compared to typical cast iron and steel grates that are vulnerable to theft as a result of the rising scrap value. 


We accomplish this by reinforcing our stone grates with uniquely treated steel frames - as a matter of fact, the term "Reinforced Stone" is created by Jonite over the last 2 decades.


Jonite's Collection of Grating Products


Channel/ Trench Drain Grates

Our channel drain grates (trench drain grates) have redefined the idea of gratings in the architectural market. With Jonite, designers and architects can now feature endless design features into landscape design with our drainage gratings.


Creative Grates (Drain Covers)

Our Creative grates come in 4 classifications - Pattern, Nature, Modern and Avant-Garde Collections. A selection of concepts for architects to select from. Custom design services available.


Floor Traps (Floor Grates)

The world's very first stone homogenous floor drain cover was made by Jonite. We desire to develop floor drain covers that match any type of floorings. A wide variety of colours available for all floor types.


Swimming Pool Grates

More than just a feature, swimming pools are a part of any attractive landscape, Jonite creates and completes your perfect swimming pool with our natural looking swimming pool grates. Low water absorption and excellent slip resistance.


Outdoor Street Furniture

Made and designed for nature parks and open spaces. we aim to provide a new idea of street furniture by questioning the notion of traditional cumbersome and heavy stone furniture. Our Banco series of street furniture is contemporary, extremely versatile and ergonomic in design.


Sump Grates/ Storm Drain Covers

Our Jonite Sump Covers offer functionality, style, and security and are crafted to be used on point drainage systems, intermediaries of long open-channel drainage. Our Sump covers come in a Wide range of standard sizes.


Toilet Grates (shower/ bathroom floor drain gratings).

Redefining how public restrooms are viewed, our range of toilet gratings (shower/ bathroom grates) come along with natural stone textures and contemporary concepts. Toilet landscape design revolutionised by our ideas.


Tree Grates

With our large variety of tree gratings that are readily available in a large selection of sizes, designs and shapes, our tree grates integrate readily into any city landscape. With Jonite tree grates, you can effortlessly emboss a business insignia or municipal logo right onto the tree grates in your setting, offering a one-of-a-kind image to the area.


USA Decorative Grates

All our Jonite USA decorative trench gratings have adjoining patterns developed to effortlessly connect to the adjacent grate. Most trench grates are also crafted to conform to ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards.


Ventilation Grilles

Our special material combined with our innovation enables enable us maximum design freedom to create beautiful architectural ventilation grilles horizontally or vertically.


Jonite Gratings Design Customisation

We can tailor-make and design any grating products to your landscaping demands. The flexibility of customisation in our unique material allows our products to be used in any environment, indoor and outdoors.


Creative Gratings (Drain Covers)

Our Creative grates come in 4 types - Pattern, Nature, Modern and Avant-Garde Collections. A wide range of designs for architects to pick from. We aim to design floor drain covers that fits into any variety of floorings. Created and designed for nature parks and open spaces. Our Banco series of street furniture is contemporary, ergonomic and versatile in design.

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