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Effective Guidelines When Choosing Grating Products For Your Home

Grates are noteworthy products that can be used in a myriad of ways. Grating materials are utilized as covers for drains or air vents. As cover ups, these products filter large objects or particles that can cause further damage and blockage to the drainage or air system.

Usefulness Of Grating Products

These products have gained popularity many years ago. Probably because of their cost-effectiveness and usefulness, they have captured the hearts of the most prudent customers and purchasers. Grates can be spotted in various locations. You can usually see them built within offices, main roads, pathways and many other public venues that need constant filtering.

Grates are also perfect items within the home. If your home is a flood-prone environment, then grating products can be the perfect solution to your dilemma. When you install these flood-proof materials on top of your drainage system, expect better results coming your way.

If you’re keen on making these robust items a part of your home’s interior and exterior look, here’s a checklist on what attributes you should consider.

Checklist In Selecting Grating Products


Knowing the purpose can help you pick the right type of grates. Are they supposed to be flood-proof agents? Are they supposed to be anti-slip materials? Are they supposed to be light or heavy? Knowing the functionality of whatever it is that you’re looking for can make the process easier and faster.


Besides functionality, take into consideration the principle of aesthetics. What patterns are you looking for? Do you desire grates with intricate patterns? Do you want grates with plain and simple details? Whatever type of grates you choose, make sure your option blends with your flooring and your home’s overall interior design.


Be smart when buying grates. Don’t go for anything that is too cheap or too expensive. Opt for quality first. If you do have some potential choices, feel free to compare and contrast their prices. Choose grating types that effectively blend quality and quantity.


About Jonite


Jonite - The Landscaping Expert

Our company is passionate about landscaping architecture and we absolutely recognize the feeling of pleasure when a vision - a dream is brought to life through unrelenting endeavour. 


Our mission is to partner our customers in ensuring your visions and dreams a reality. We craft landscaping that requires an elegant balance between functional needs while conserving the beauty of nature.Jonite brings the sensory and practical qualities of stone to your landscapes, conveying an aesthetically soft visual appeal which feels luxurious to the touch. There is no better approach to have the very best of both worlds in function and form apart from teaming up with Jonite. Our professionals work with your vision, moved by the shapes and contours of the landscape to develop durable and functional channel grates, sump covers, tree grates and pool grates that serve to amplify the beauty of the surroundings. Touching this matte finish feels like stroking the curves of natural stone, transforming spaces into exhibits for elegant material inspired by nature.


Jonite's Collection of Grating Products


Channel/ Trench Drain Grates

Our channel drain grates (trench drain grates) have redefined the notion of gratings in the architectural sector. With Jonite, designers and architects can easily now incorporate unlimited design features into landscape concept with our drainage gratings.


Creative Grates (Drain Covers)

Our Creative grates come in 4 varieties - Pattern, Nature, Modern and Avant-Garde Collections. A wide variety of concepts for architects to choose from. Custom design services available.


Floor Traps (Floor Grates)

The world's first stone homogenous floor drain cover was developed by Jonite. We aim to design floor drain covers that match into any kind of floorings. Large range of colors available for every floor types.


Swimming Pool Grates

A lot more than just a facility, swimming pools are a part of any attractive landscape, Jonite develops and completes your ideal swimming pool with our natural looking swimming pool grates. Low water absorption and superb slip resistance.


Outdoor Street Furniture

Made and designed for nature parks and open spaces. we strive to provide a fresh idea of street furniture by challenging the notion of conventional massive and heavy stone furniture. Our Banco series of street furniture is modern, versatile and ergonomic in design.


Sump Grates/ Storm Drain Covers

Our Jonite Sump Covers offer style, security and functionality and are crafted to be used on point drainage systems, intermediaries of long open-channel drainage. Our Sump covers come in a Wide range of standard sizes.


Toilet Grates (shower/ bathroom floor drain gratings).

Redefining how public lavatories are seen, our variety of toilet gratings (shower/ bathroom grates) come along with natural stone textures and contemporary concepts. Toilet landscape design revolutionised by our ideas.


Tree Grates

With our selection of tree gratings that are readily available in a large selection of shapes, designs, and sizes, our tree grates incorporate effortlessly into any city landscape. With Jonite tree grates, you can effortlessly emboss a corporate insignia or municipal emblem right onto the tree grates in your setting, giving a one-of-a-kind image to the locale.


USA Decorative Grates

All our Jonite USA decorative trench gratings have adjoining patterns created to effortlessly connect to the adjacent grate. Most trench grates are also created to comply with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards.


Ventilation Grilles

Our one-of-a-kind material brought together with our imagination enables enable us maximum design freedom to develop beautiful architectural ventilation grilles horizontally or vertically.


Jonite Gratings Design Customisation

We can tailor-make and craft any grating products to your landscaping demands. The versatility of customization in our unique material allows our products to be used in any environment, indoor and outdoors.


Creative Gratings (Drain Covers)


Our Creative grates come in 4 types - Pattern, Nature, Modern and Avant-Garde Collections. A wide selection of designs for architects to pick from. We aspire to design floor drain covers that fit into any kind of floorings. Created and designed for nature parks and open spaces. Our Banco series of street furniture is contemporary, ergonomic and versatile in design.

Granite Grates
Tree Grate Singapore

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