Landscaping Essentials

Landscaping is a method used for beautifying a given outdoor space. This is done by gardening, by sculpting and shaping the landforms, and by adding other elements or structures to enhance the area. It also falls upon landscapers to pay attention to natural elements and occurrences that might enhance or worsen the space.

Landscapers have the mixed skills of a gardener and an artist/architect/designer. He needs to be proficient in garden design, plant maintenance, and to a certain extent; ecology and landscape engineering. When a skilled landscaper is done with his job, the land should have achieved a certain amount of beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Plants For Landscaping

One of the most important materials for achieving a landscaped environment is the various flora that grows in a specific region at a certain season. This not only pertains to ornamental plants, but to trees, shrubs, and grass as well.

Landscapers who work with flowers and plants take into account certain details such as plant appearance, for instance, the color of the leaves and flowers. Plant height such as low or moderate (for hedges) or tall trees also plays an important part in landscape design. Trees should be chosen according to the shade it will bring to a landscaped space as well. It is also important to determine plant species (deciduous or evergreen) when doing this type of project.

Shaping the Land For A Landscaping Project

To shape the land into aesthetic forms, a landscaper manipulates its natural form. He gets rid of unwanted terrain. He creates channels for water if the design requires it. He retains the desired elevation. Another way for shaping the land is to install man-made structures. These include bridges, arbors, fences, benches, and walls.

A useful product and a favorite for the beautification of outdoor environments is the Jonite reinforced stone gratings. These grates enhance the natural environment as it conceals and protects water canals and channels. Jonite also has stone grate products that are specially designed as a protection for trees in hardscape areas. Thus landscaping is not limited to gardens and fields.


About Jonite


Why Choose Jonite?

These unique properties of our grating products make it possible for our grates to prevent corrosion and rust - Our Jonite collection of grating products are created to last a life time for either outdoor and indoor use. Jonite's grates are at the same time "theft resistant" compared to traditional cast iron and steel grates that are at risk to theft due to the rising scrap value.


The natural matte and rough exterior allow maximum slip protection which is tested by international classifications. Safety of our products is of great importance to us - and our clients who are in the hospitals and schools industry. A lot more than just engineers, our crew at Jonite are craftsmen and designers, our vision to assist our clients to build what they can conceive of. Our strategy is this - If you can visualize it - we can develop it. The design possibilities with our architectural grates are unlimited. Our grates can be found in a wide variety of conventional colors and more specialized colors are achievable with infinite colour customization which allows our architectural products to be customized to any hue or shade our clients require.


Our original stone products have high mechanical attributes such as low heat absorption, low water absorption, high impact strength, high compressive strength and high flexural strength. We investigate all details that offer our products excellent quality and longevity. We attain this by reinforcing our stone grates with specially treated steel frames - in fact, the term "Reinforced Stone" is created by Jonite over the last 2 decades. Our variety of architectural grates is certified to international load standards.


These special properties of our grating products allow our grates to avoid corrosion and rust - Our Jonite variety of grating products are designed to last a lifetime for both indoor and outdoor use. Jonite's grates are also "theft resistant" compared to common cast iron and steel grates that are at risk to theft due to the rising scrap value. 


We accomplish this by reinforcing our stone grates with specially treated steel frames - as a matter of fact, the term "Reinforced Stone" is originated by Jonite over the previous 2 decades.


Jonite's Collection of Grating Products


Channel/ Trench Drain Grates

Our channel drain grates (trench drain grates) have redefined the notion of gratings in the architectural industry. With Jonite, architects and designers can now feature unlimited design features into landscape design with our drainage gratings. Channel drain cover is used commonly in the United Kingdom and in the United States, channel drain grating is commonly known or referred to as "trench grilles", "trench drainage grate", "trench drain cover", "trench grate", "trench grating" and "trench cover"


Creative Grates (Drain Covers)

Our Creative grates come in 4 types - Pattern, Nature, Modern and Avant-Garde Collections. A vast range of designs for architects to select from. Custom design solutions available.


Floor Traps (Floor Grates)

The world's first stone homogenous floor drain cover was developed by Jonite. We strive to design floor drain covers that match any type of floorings. Large range of colours readily available for every floor types.


Swimming Pool Grates

A lot more than just a facility, swimming pools are a part of any beautiful landscape, Jonite designs and completes your ideal swimming pool with our natural looking swimming pool grates. Low water absorption and superb slip resistance.


Outdoor Street Furniture

Created and designed for nature parks and open spaces. we make every effort to offer a new idea of street furniture by challenging the perception of traditional massive and heavy stone furniture. Our Banco series of street furniture is contemporary, ergonomic and versatile in design.


Sump Grates/ Storm Drain Covers

Our Jonite Sump Covers provide functionality, style, and security and are crafted to be utilized on point drainage systems, intermediaries of long open-channel drainage. Our Sump covers come in a Wide range of standard sizes.


Toilet Grates (shower/ bathroom floor drain gratings).

Redefining how public lavatories are seen, our variety of toilet gratings (shower/ bathroom grates) come along with natural stone textures and contemporary designs. Toilet landscape design revolutionized by our ideas.


Tree Grates

With our wide variety of tree gratings that are readily available in a large collection of sizes, designs, and shapes, our tree grates integrate readily into any metropolitan landscape. With Jonite tree grates, you can readily emboss a corporate insignia or municipal logo right onto the tree grates in your setting, giving an exclusive image to the location.


USA Decorative Grates

All our Jonite USA decorative grates (trench gratings) have adjoining patterns crafted to perfectly connect to the adjacent grate. Most trench grates are also created to conform with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards.


Ventilation Grilles

Our unique material combined with our originality makes it possible for enable us maximum design flexibility to design beautiful architectural ventilation grilles horizontally or vertically.


Jonite Gratings Design Customisation

We can customise and create any grating products to your landscaping needs. The flexibility of customization in our special material allows our products to be used in any environment, indoor and outdoors. Find out more about our custom design services.


Creative Gratings (Drain Covers)

Our Creative grates come in 4 types - Pattern, Nature, Modern and Avant-Garde Collections. A wide selection of designs for architects to choose from. We aim to design floor drain covers that fit into any type of floorings. Made and designed for nature parks and open spaces. Our Banco series of street furniture is contemporary, versatile and ergonomic in design.

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